Smart Guard Business

The exclusive version of Smart Guard is made for businessmen. Discreet, accurate and reliable, meets the demands of modern men. Smart Guard Business is a partner in everyday life and sports, seamlessly monitors the health state of busy managers and politicians.

Nowadays, the automated monitoring of our health is playing an increasingly important role. According to our technological knowledge we already have the opportunity to do so wearing smart devices. Now we offer this entirely new system for businessmen. The Smart Guard Business goes beyond the simple to operate, almost seamlessly provides the highest sense of security for the users in everyday life.

Businessmen are highly affected by stress, physical and psychological strain that could lead to cardiac malfunction without having any recognized heart disease. Stressful lifestyle rises the risk of stroke and sudden cardiac arrest but these can be monitored by regular ECG measurement, and the user can take action to prevent the disease.

With our solution the users will have


all-inclusive service monitoring health and wellness changes and optimal levels


easy to use tool which can measure relevant health metrics


preventive method to forecast high cardiological risks


appropriate risk analysis procedures

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