Smart Guard Insurance

Smart Guard Technology offers a wearable, clinically tested and reliable sensor system which measures the insured customers’ individual physiological parameters. Lifestyle characteristics are recognized by the insurance company, so both parties can sign a mutually beneficial insurance contract.

We are aware of a tendency of the increasing number of single case insurances while long term contracts are decreasing – both national and international markets. It would be desirable if the portfolio would be able to move towards long-term contracts in the long run. We believe that our system offers a solution to this problem, as it is a user-friendly, cost-effective technology for both insurer and client. For insurance companies in order to introduce their customers personalized, affordable and reasonable fees, we offer a tailor made medical technology system.

With the remote, continuous follow-up of customer healthcare parameters, significantly lowers the risks, as unique and customized rates can be applied to every customer. It is also possible to avoid long medical examinations after the damage occurs, which means a lot of time and cost for insurers.

In order to tailor personalized, favorable and realistic tariffs to the clients we intend to develop our own tool for the specific needs of the insurance company. Our company offers a tested and reliable wearable sensor set that helps customize the individual physiological parameters of the insured customers to make their lifestyle cognizable to the insurer, so that a mutually satisfactory insurance contract could be created for both parties.

The relevant data from the measurement results is evaluated and used by the insurance company’s own system for valuable insurance related information. All measured data and evaluation are also displayed on the user interface. As a result, the insurer offers a very attractive package for its client because the customer can get free access to the most up-to-date smart bracelet that can be used free of charge from health to sports measurements.

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