Smart Guard Medical

If you are operating a private medical institution, Smart Guard Technology has a huge market advantage for you. The competition in the private health scene is stronger every year – the aging of the European people drives this trend. You are not only competing with the state-funded health institutions, but the growing number of private establishments as well. The private share of health expenditures is between 13 and 55 % Europe-wide.

How can you stand out from the competition

You have to provide more than the others. Our health monitoring system is one possible solution. If you can offer for the patients or the family members an innovative, exclusive and also a useful extra service, you can stand out and be the leader in your market. You can offer our system as part of your services, in a monthly subscription or incorporate it in your business model – even as a branded device and solution for your patients.

You can promote Smart Guard for your patients or their families


an easy to use wearable device which is able to measure numerous relevant health metrics


a preventive method to forecast high cardiological risks